Shaligram shila Nepal

Shaligram shila Nepal

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    Saligramam is also known as Saligramam Shila. Saligramam is Direct Symbol and One of the Name of lord vishnu(Sriman Narayan),where as Saligramam Shila mean Lord Vishnu Form in Murthy form. So Both Saligramam or Saligramam shila Meaning is Same and donot have any Distinguish. - About Lord Vishnu Saligramam ,Sri Saligramam shila is only Found in Kaligandaki river in Stone or Murthy form in Nepal with beautiful Sudarshan Chakra and Marks lines.The Shaligram Place Kaligandaki River lies in Muktinath .The scared Muktinath Dham of Nepal is Supreme Divyadesam and Place of Sri Vaisnava , Narayana and Hindu devotees. About Muktinath Kaligandaki river ,More visit - - About Saligrama Detail can login to -




At Whar is Saligrama or Saligramam shila?

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